This blog has moved...

all the way over to


Was waiting for the tube so I had a litle time over
 Played around with watercolors and got this.
Pretty neat :)


Hyper Mansion

And so its done.
We will sign the contract for Hyper Mansion on Friday
and move in as soon as we can!


Hyper Mansion

Communication Skills exercise!

Today we had real fun!
 Marcus Höök was here and talked allot about communication. 
Here is one of the exercises we did, turned out to be pretty fun. 
Andreas is supposed to be my arms, I think you can figure out the rest...


ArtOfSean goes English!

Maaaaayor announcment today!

From now on, all my posts will be in English.
The reasons are many, here is one:

1.) I need to practise on my English




Andreas kan va rätt kul ibland när han flummar på kvällarna

Det är här de händer.



"Gör om gör rätt"

Välkommen igen.

Tiden räcker helt enkelt inte till, så därför ser bloggen ut som det gör nu.
Det är anledningen till att alla inlägg är borta.

Nu är det dags för en ny fräsh start..

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